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Covers system components, charging points, charging times, and challenges/limitations. Note this course is dated early 2013.

Learn all of the skills to finance the commercial solar projects in your pipeline. Includes Excel modeling, legal documents, individual feedback, and weekly conference calls.

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Defines a microgrids, DC microgrids, the energy savings potential and standards and provides a case study and references.

Microgrids are the future. This course provides a practical foundation for understanding microgrids and how to build them.

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Covers DC connnections, grounding, string combiners, DC connection to the inverter, fusing and protection, AC connection and fusing, grid connection. Amercican focus, May 2012.

Presents fundamental concepts and a discussion of energy units and electricity.

Reviews the purpose of grounding in PV systems, with reference to sections in the National Electrical Code (USA) 2014. Presents requirements for grounding and bonding from the NEC, with a…

Covers best practice in solar roofing, mistakes made in the past, maintaining roof warranties, innovations in roof mounting systems. Codes discussion has a USA focus, dated March 2012.

Taking this course will give you the necessary understanding to be able to sell solar systems, introduce you to a range of design tools, and get you up to speed…


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Solar PV training

As largely a 21st century profession that has grown quickly, there is strong demand for PV training around the world. We are aiming to provide the most comprehensive listing of free and paid-for solar PV training courses, from roof-top through to commercial.

solar PV training

Solar PV covers an ever-increasing range of skills. The broad subject domains are design, installation, monitoring and management for PV installations. There is increasing interest in linking energy storage to solar PV and will be growing demand for skills in this area. PV designers and installers will increasingly need to understand the smart grid and the integration of PV, storage and demand response.

Because the solar PV field is growing so fast, and as standards and codes continue to be updated, training can date quickly, or may not be available.

So if you can’t find a solar PV training course here that you are after, or you believe that one of the courses we have listed is out of date, please get in contact.