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Learn all of the skills to finance the commercial solar projects in your pipeline. Includes Excel modeling, legal documents, individual feedback, and weekly conference calls.

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Building commissioning plays a key role in buildings performing to their design intent. This course introduces commissioning and its importance to energy efficiency.

Describes and compares the main types of air compressors and provides broad selection guidance depending on application.

The way an air compressor is controlled impacts on its energy use. This course describes various control methods and discusses their impact on energy usage.

Describes a seven step process to improve the efficiency of a compressed air system.

Compressed air is widely used and highly inefficient. This course introduces compressed air systems, the sources of inefficiency, and how good operating practices can provide large energy savings.

Describes and explores the disbribution and use of compressed air and associated energy efficiency opportunities.

Describes and explores air pressurization, cleaning and drying and how this impacts on energy use.

Examines the two position and floating response control logic, including an example which simulates operation of a VAV box.