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An introduction to lighting design, covering the lumen method, in order to meet required illumination requirements for a space.

Introduces the principles of efficient lighting, covering light source efficiency, luminaire efficacy, lighting levels and lighting control.

Examines the characteristics of incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent light sources, including ballasts and power factor.

Motors can use electricity worth up to ten times the purchase cost of the motor over their lifetime. This course introduces the energy savings potential in motor operation.

This course identifies sources of energy losses in motors and provides guidance on comparing various scenarios for lowest lifetime cost.

In this Passive House Design Course you'll learn how to design a house that meets the Passive House requirements

Covers what is passive solar design and some general guidelines for passive design.

This course looks at heat transfer through the building envelope and methods of calculating steady state heat transfer.


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Green Building Training

This site aims to provide a comprehensive listing of free and paid-for green building training, covering passive and active design and other elements of green building.

Green Building Councils around the world have played a leading role in creating a demand for green buildings. Green building professionals need to understand both the science and engineering aspects, but also be familiar with local codes and standards. For certification they need to understand their own national green building accreditation scheme, and possibly also LEED.

Green Building Training

But green building knowledge isn’t only important for professionals working under certification schemes. Its value extends from home buyers wanting to build a sustainable house or home owners making their existing property greener, thorough to building services engineers, property developers and town planners.

As a result we may not have listed here all the courses that suit your needs. In this case please get in touch with us and let us know what you are after.