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Describes what is a Building Automation System (BAS), also known as a Building Management System (BMS) or Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, and looks at HVAC energy conservation strategies using…

This course explores energy accounting and what is involved in measuring and benchmarking energy performance.

There are often many opportunities to save energy with both steam and hot water boilers. This course introduces these opportunities.

Energy Efficiency: Part of the Building automation and control series. Different control loops are described and key terms used to describe control loop responses introduced

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In this Building Energy Analytics course you will be provided with an introduction to understanding the basics of actual energy use in a building.

Combined heat and power, or cogeneration, captures heat that would otherwise be wasted. This course provides an overview of the approaches that can be taken when deploying CHP.

This course provides an understanding of burners and the importance of achieving good combustion to minimise energy losses, particularly in boilers.

Building commissioning plays a key role in buildings performing to their design intent. This course introduces commissioning and its importance to energy efficiency.


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Energy efficiency training

We are aiming to provide a large listing of free and paid-for energy efficiency training, through from introductory topics to advanced.

However energy efficiency is a very broad subject domain. It covers the improvement of existing facilities – residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial or manufacturing facilities. It covers the good design of new buildings (covered here under green buildings) and can even apply to process design. Energy efficiency is also important to computers, appliances, motors, and other equipment. Energy efficiency is related to energy conservation. Energy conservation is behavior that leads to less energy use. A simple example is turning the lights off, but it could also refer to teleconferencing or video conferencing rather than using energy in traveling.

energy efficiency training

Because it is so diffuse, you can’t find energy efficiency training that leads for example, to a Bachelor’s degree in energy efficiency. Its generally an add-on to existing training qualifications (eg green building design incorporated into an architectural degree). That’s also why we have so many energy efficiency courses included here, but even then we have probably missed some subject areas.

So if you can’t find a an energy efficiency or energy conservation course you are after please get in contact.