Being a clean energy professional is one of the most satisfying careers available – you are in the front-line of the battle to reduce carbon pollution, and are in an exciting and very dynamic industry. Whether you are working in energy efficiency, green buildings, solar PV, solar thermal, wind, geothermal or other forms of clean energy.

Yet of the challenges of being a professional in the clean energy sector is its rapid evolution. As a result of this rapid change, and also because of the broad range of projects many of us encounter, clean energy professionals need to be continually learning to stay on top of their game.

But because training can be hard to find many clean energy workers aren’t performing to their full potential, whether as a result of either knowledge gaps they are aware of (but can’t fill), or simply as a result of not knowing what they don’t know.

The clean energy academy aims to fill this gap and help clean energy professionals access training and “know-how”, helping improve their performance, and contributing to the shift to low-pollution energy supply.

It also makes it easy to share your expertise and teach. Whether you want to create a brand new course, or adapt a course your are delivering off-line for on-line delivery.


Clean Energy Professionals like you are extraordinarily good collaborators, driven by a common purpose. If you would like to suggest a course or list courses you already provide please contact us.

The Clean Energy Academy is operated by 8020Green.

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